• My three class expectations are:

    1. Be ready: Students should bring their Chromebook, headphones, a pencil/pen, and ELA folder to class every day.

    2. Be respectful: To each other, to your teacher, and to the classroom supplies and environment.

    3. Be responsible for your own learning: Take initiative and pride in your work.  Tackle problems and questions independently before asking for help.


    My class procedures are:

    1. Do a 30-second check while attendance is taken:  Be sure you dispose of gum, place your cell phone is in the classroom holder, and prepare your supplies for the day.

    2. Begin working on the attendance question after your 30-second check: Look at the agenda slide or Canvas for the daily attendance question, and work quietly for the entire five minutes.

    3. If you finish any work early, transition independently to missing assignments or Independent Study work.

    4. Do not pack up earlier than one minute before the bell rings, and stay seated until the teacher dismisses your group.