• Performance & Literary Works I (Period 4)

    Instructor: Ms. Grace Harvey

    Email: Grace.harvey@dvusd.org

    Phone: 623-376-3359

    PLW Syllabus


    Homework and Grading Policy: All Grades are Based

    on daily participation, coursework, and assessments (performances)

    Practice: 0% Practice assignments do not count towards a student's overall score, but they provide necessary scaffolding for students to ensure they are successful when their learning is assessed. 

    Coursework:  20% To fully succeed in class, each student must be an active participant. This requires that they utilize class time efficiently and to the best of their academic ability. Time in class is expected to be used appropriately.  

    Assessments (Performances): 80% Assessments include quizzes, unit or chapter tests, projects, and district assessments. Projects consist of any assignment that progresses over a period of 3 or more days and is made up of multiple components. Students will be notified if projects will have an assessment component grade.


  • 7th Grade Play Performances