• If you would like to purchase the district’s optional device protection plan, you may do so online.

    First, go to the Copper Creek website Copper Creek Elementary / Homepage (dvusd.org) then scroll down to the area with blue boxes and click on the one that says "Online Payments & Tax Credit Donation." 




    You may access the page directly at TouchBase Signin (intouchreceipting.com).



    Enter the user name and password as follows:


    To Log In
    Username: Student ID
    Password: Last Name (as listed in Powerschool/case-sensitive)
    Must log in separately for each student.


    1. Select Shop/Items at Your School
    2. Choose a Category (Student Devices)
    3. Select Item (Device Protection Plan) and click Buy
    4. When all items have been added to the cart, click on the Checkout link, in upper right corner. Verify the cart contents and click on the blue Checkout icon.
    5. The customer will be directed to a payment screen where all of the credit card information is entered.
    6. Click Pay Now and complete transaction.
    7. The customer has the opportunity to print and/or save a copy of the payment receipt.
    8. All purchases on student accounts will reflect on their Purchase History.


    Please feel free to contact me at 623-376-3913 if you need help with this process, or you may call/visit our accounting clerk Pam in the front office.  Pam is on campus Mondays, Fridays, and Wednesdays (afternoon only Wednesdays).


    Please note, the optional device protection plan must be purchased within 3 weeks of receipt of the device.


    DVUSD Optional Device Protection Plan