• Teachers can open the door, but you must enter is yourself


    Welcome to online science learning! The high school courses at Aspire Online Academy are asynchronous. That means that you will be creating your own, self-paced schedule and be responsible for meeting your learning commitments. You will be your own cheerleader, motivating yourself to meet all due dates and submit all work. It is expected that you manage your time well and meet your weekly MyHours as well as meet the requirements for the science courses.


    tips for success

    • Tips for Success
      • Create a realistic daily schedule and stick to it.
      • Check your class announcements every day.
      • Calendar your weekly assignments each week. 
      • If you miss a due date, refer to the DUE/ CLOSE date calendar on the course homepage and take advantage of the opportunity to submit late work.
      • Review all comments and feedback left on your assignments and resubmit when allowable.
      • Communicate when you have a question or concern.
    • Plagiarism
      • 🚫Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated🚫
      • Check out the Aspire Plagiarism/ Academic Dishonesty Policy here!
    • Required Materials
      • School issued devicetwo comp books
      • Environmental 1, Environmental 2, BIO1/ 1H, BIO2/ 2H- two composition notebooks