• In Leadership Class, you will learn what it means to be a leader and then put it into action.

    There are 3 main components to the leadership class.

    • Leadership Articles
      • Every 2 weeks you'll be given a new skill/characteristic that leaders exhibit to research and explore, then exhibit with your buddies and in your teams.  
    • Buddies
      • Each week we will meet with our first-grade buddies to help them with reading, writing, and sometimes math or science. You will have 1-3 littles that you develop a relationship with and help support each week. 
    • TEAM (Teamwork Engaged Active Motivate
      • You will be put into a team that supports our school as a leader. I have 4 teams for sure and some optional teams that we may develop depending on the class size to ensure that we are creating the most support on our team. The 4 guaranteed teams are: 
        • New TOROS Crew: Your job is to help new students transition to Union Park. You will have to come early (8am) somedays to help show them around campus using our TOROS passport to ensure they know the TOROS Expectations in each place, ending at their classroom. You will introduce them to their teacher and make sure they feel ready to go. You will also help prep the New TOROS swag bags and make sure they get to the teachers so they can give it to them when they walk in. You may have to help other teams if there aren't new students coming! Your contact person will be Mrs. K in the office at Jennifer.Krieger@dvusd.org 
        • Super TOROS Squad: Your job is to teach TOROS lessons around campus to help us meet our monthly goals for TOROS behaviors. So if there were a lot of issues in the cafeteria last month you will create a lesson about behavior in the cafeteria to help the students remember the TOROS expectations in the cafeteria. Then you would teach the lesson to every class in k-6 in that month and then reflect on what worked and what you need to add, remove, or change for the next months' lesson. Your contact person will be Mrs. Klay at LaRae.Klay@dvusd.org 
        • Bulletin Board Bunch: Your job is to create and set up the student board in the office each week. You will create canva art to promote different things happening at Union Park that week so students have a place to look and find out what is going on. All work will need to be done and submitted to your contact person by THURSDAY of each week so she can print ahead of time. Your contact person is Ms. Owen at Cinthia.Owen@dvusd.org 
        • Get up and Go Group: Your job will be to help wherever is needed around campus to ensure teachers are able to focus on teaching. This may be hanging up artwork, organizing books, helping with fluency, cleaning up a mess, packing things up, etc. You must be ready to do anything at any point in class because it will always be different. Your contact person will be Ms. Haehl at erika.haehl@dvusd.org
        • Other teams that may be started based on need and size of class: Announcement Team, Teacher Assistants, Community Service Teams

    I look forward to a wonderful semester making a difference with you!