• Starfall offers fun learning games for younger learners and those just beginning to learn English. It also provides a useful parent-teacher center.



    Games Puzzles, hidden pictures

    Highlights Kids


    Celebrities read aloud their favorite books

    Storyline Online


    Games for learners to improve their reading, listening, and speaking skills.

    ESL Beginner and Elementary Online Games and Activities


    Games focusing on everyday activities related to food, weather, animals, and clothing.

    Games to Learn English


    English Medial Lab:  Great practice for all English learners including online grammar exercises, vocabulary videos, pronunciation exercises, and interactive quizzes for beginning, intermediate and advanced learners.

    English Media Lab


    Conversation Practice:  Includes over 1,000 conversations and scripts for beginning, intermediate and advanced English Language Learners.

    ESL Fast


    Collection of recorded books, novellas, short stories, speeches, and songs with read-along text.

    ESL Bits


    Web-based quizzes. Offerings range from general knowledge and listening to spelling, vocabulary, and reading.

    ESL Quizzes | EnglishClub


    Mr. Duncan’s platform is one of the most popular English language YouTube channels. He offers short, engaging videos to help learners increase their proficiency.

    English with Mr Duncan - YouTube


    FunBrain: Reading and math games along with videos and books



    Tumblebook Library:  Listen and read along with some great books.

    Tumble Books