• Students are expected to be prepared. arrive on time  to learn each day. We start the day off with a warm-up problem, followed by a lesson that involves whole class instruction, partner work, and small group activites. Students are expected to complete their lesson Cool Down and Practice Problems each day. There will be periodic quizzes during each unit as well as an end of unit assessment. Students who have completed all of their Cool Downs and Practice Problems prior to each assessment, will have the opportunity to retake the assessment if needed. 

    Students are expected to participate. Participation is crucial to success in math. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson throughout the unit. As students participate in class discussions and activities, they will be more likely to be successful.

    Students are expected to be responsible. It is the students' responsibility to  check Canvas when they are absent for any reason and watch the video of the lesson and complete the work they have missed. I ask the students to please complete the paper copies of their Cool Downs and Practice Problems, even though they are also found on Canvas. Completing the paper copies allows students to show their work.