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    Middle School Expectations


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    The purpose of DSS is a time set aside for students to request help with the teacher (subject) of choice. Students are expected to keep track of their work through PS and Canvas to see what they are missing or need help with. Teachers will provide reteaching through small  group instruction and provide retakes of tests (if applicable). DSS is considered as your homeroom, and it has an assigned class group. Regrouping students in different classrooms during the DSS time must be approved by and communicated among the teachers.


    Phones are to be put in the provided slots in the front of the room. They are set to be OFF. If students do not put their phones up and have them out during class, the phone will be locked in the office the rest of the day. After the 3rd time, it will be an office referral. Students can check their phones between classes. If there is an emergency, parents can contact the office.


    Please bring in headphones (not wireless) that are compatible with Chromebooks.


    Computers are for school work only. If a student is using their computer for anything other than school work they will earn an infraction. That is a warning and will be documented. If this happens a second time, parents will be notified through email.  The 3rd time, it will be an office referral. Please remind students to charge their computers at night. They need a fully charged chromebook every day.  


    Parents’ communication

    • Parents of 7th grade students, please check your email for a 7th grade newsletter each week.  

    • Parents of 8th grade students, please check emails from each subject teacher. 

    • If you are not receiving the emails, please call the office and update your email address in PS. 


    There will be deadlines for assignments. An assignment is considered as missing work when it is not submitted by the due date. 


    Missing work will be treated as such:

    • The assignment will be marked with the “Missing” special code in the gradebook.

    • A zero (“0”) will be entered as the score for the assignment in the gradebook .


    In order for Late Work to be accepted, students must meet the following parameters:

    • Assignment is not due within the class period.

    • Assignment is not a timed activity (such as a Quick-Write Essay).

    • Assignment is not a Long-Term assignment (over multiple weeks).

    • Assignment is turned in within 5 school days after the end of the unit.

    Not all tests will have retakes. To earn a retake opportunity, a student must complete all of the following:

    • Complete all formative coursework related to the content/skill assessed.

    • Consult with the teacher.

    • Submit a reassessment plan or application, if required by the teacher.

    • A  retake must be scheduled within 10 school days after receiving the assessment score


    No extra credit will be given. No student will be allowed to earn more than 100% of the points/percentage possible on any assignment or assessment. 


    Gradebook calculations:

    Assessments: 80%

    Coursework: 20% (must be completed to earn a re-take)

    Practice: 0% (must be completed to earn a re-take)