• What world languages can I study in Deer Valley?

           ASL              French                Mandarin               Spanish


    Which schools offer which languages? 

  • french strip

    Barry Goldwater High School                                   

    Boulder Creek High School

    Mountain Ridge High School

    Sandra Day O'Connor High School





    Canyon Springs School (K-8)                          Aspire Online Academy

    Desert Sky Middle School (7-8)                       Barry Goldwater High School 

    Highland Lakes School (K-8)                           Boulder Creek High School 

    Hillcrest Middle School (7-8)                            Deer Valley High School 

    Terramar Academy of the Arts (K-8)                Mountain Ridge High School  

    Union Park School (K-8)                                   Sandra Day O'Connor High School


  • china

    Gavilan Peak School (K-8)

    Desert Sage Elementary School (K-6)

    Diamond Canyon School (K-8)

    Hillcrest Middle School (7-8)

    Boulder Creek High School

    Sandra Day O'Connor High School



    Deer Valley High School