• Mission Statement

      Stop BullyingDeer Valley Unified School District believes that it is the responsibility of parents, students, administration, teachers, and staff to provide our school community with opportunities to identify and promote strategies, research-based practices, and relevant programs that support a safe learning environment for all students.


      Anonymous Safe Schools Hotline
      Normal Peer Conflict Bullying

      Equal power of friends

      Imbalance of power; not friends

      Happens occasionally

      Repeated negative actions

      Generally not serious

      Purposeful, serious, with threat of physical or emotional harm

      Equal emotional reaction

      Strong emotional reaction from victim; little or no emotional reaction from bully

      Not seeking power or attention

      Seeking power, control, or material things

      Generally not trying to get something

      May attempt to gain material things or power

      Remorse – will take responsibility

      No remorse; blames victim

      Effort to solve problem

      No effort to solve problem