• If Your Child Has Tested Positive for COVID 19


    According to the CDC guidelines (which is what DVUSD follows) it is recommended that if your child has tested positive for COVID 19 they should be placed in isolation for 5 days and then wear a mask for days 6-10. Regardless of their vaccination status.  **Please call the Health Office and notify the school nurse that your child has tested positive.** 


    To calculate what days your child is to be in Isolation follow these CDC recommended steps: 


                       If your child had NO symptoms and tested positive:     

    Day 0 is the actual day that your child's positive COVID test was done. 

    Day 1 is the first full day following the day they tested positive. For example: if they tested positive on a Monday, Day 1 would be Tuesday.

    Your child should isolate for Day 1 thru Day 5 and return on Day 6. It is recommended they wear a mask on days 6-10. 

    **If your child develops COVID like symptoms within 10 days of when they initially tested positive, the isolation clock restarts at Day 0 on the day their symptoms started. **



    If your child had COVID like symptoms and tested positive:

    Day 0 of isolation is the day that the symptoms started, regardless of when you tested positive.  So if COVID symptoms started on a Saturday and you did not test positive until Tuesday, Day 0 would still be Saturday. 

    Day 1 is the first full day after the day the symptoms started. For example: if COVID symptoms started on a Tuesday, Day 1 would be Wednesday. 

    Your child should Isolate for Day 1 thru Day 5 and return to school on Day 6 (as long as they have been fever free for 24 hours with no fever reducing medication and their symptoms have improved).  Then it is recommended that they wear a mask on Days 6-10.