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    Stephanie Simacek  
  • Governing Board Member
    Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) Legislative Delegate Alternate  

    Began Serving: 1/1/23
    Current Term Expires: 12/31/2026

    Phone:  623-445-5002

    Stephanie Simacek is a Deer Valley Unified School District parent of two and also a former DVUSD teacher, volunteer and DVUSD substitute. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. Stephanie is driven by a passion for public education and believes that public education is what holds our communities together, through one common goal: our children, our future.

    Stephanie knows what it is like to work directly in the classroom with students of all learning styles. She knows the daily challenges teachers and staff face as well as the obstacles parents have to go through to advocate for their child’s education. In her term as a DVUSD Board Member Stephanie’s goals include but are not limited to reducing class sizes, improving teacher retention, advocating for livable wages, strongly supporting and improving special education and gifted programs, improving parent communication and creating campus improvement plans to make our schools safe for all students and staff.

    Being a member of the school board should not be about politics, it should be about doing what is best for public education, which includes meeting the needs of all students and supporting our families, teachers and staff. Success can only be accomplished by someone who has the desire to work closely and effectively with everyone. Stephanie believes that as a community we can successfully work together to make a difference.