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    Fitness Center

    Advanced Fitness


    Tips for Online Success

    1.Keep pace with the course

    I encourage you to keep up with the lessons planned for each day. Study after study details the detrimental effects of "cramming" information into a short  study window. The human brain retains more information when learning is "spaced" out. Try your best to keep up with our schedule. 

    2. Log into the class daily

    Set a schedule as if you were on a campus and devote a specified hour to course work each day.  Utilize all the tools and resources provided in each module to engage with the content.  Apply what is presented to your daily life to improve health and fitness levels.   

    3. Prepare for all exams 

    Content is delivered weekly via modules and there are summative checkpoints along the way to assess your learning.  Each course will have a final exam. 

    4. Contact Me (Canvas Message) when you need help 

    Use the message inbox early and often. You will hear back from me in a timely manner.  

Last Modified on August 1, 2023