DVUSD athletic trainers shared with the governing board what they do at the March 7th governing board meeting. Athletic trainers save athlete's seasons with injury treatment and prevention, and they save athletes and their families money. An estimated $88,000 of insurance or out-of-pocket costs that would normally be spent by athletes' families were saved by Mountain Ridge High School in 2021-22 alone!

    See the athletic trainer slideshow presentation here.

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    Helpful information from the DVUSD athletic trainers:

    Injury Prevention & Treatment Tips

    Ankle Sprains                                                                     

    Concussions 101

    Overuse Injuries                                                               

    Shin Splints and Stress Fractures

    Environmental Safety

    Sun Safety

    Lightning Safety

    Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke

    Cold Weather Illnesses

    Mental Wellness

    Effects of Stress

    Mental Health and Burnout

    Power of Sleep

    Proper Fitting Equipment

    Face and Head Protection

    Dental Injuries

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    National Athletic Training Month is held every March in order to spread awareness about the important work of athletic trainers. Before you get sidelined by an injury, make sure you consult an athletic trainer who specializes in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses.

    Athletic trainers are essential to health care!

    A reminder from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association – Nata.org – During National Athletic Training Month.