• Students will choose classes in the fall semester for the next school year.  The registration window will stay open until the first week of January.  Once the registration window closes, class choices are final and we will not be able to make schedule changes. Please see the following documents for additional information regarding registration:


    PowerSchool Registration Instructions

    9th Grade Course Worksheet (for 8th graders registering for 9th grade) 

    9th Grade Electives

    10th Grade Course Worksheet

    11th Grade Course Worksheet

    12th Grade Course Worksheet


    For course descriptions and district curriculum information, please CLICK HERE to visit the Deer Valley Unified School District's  Academic Planning Guide (APG) page for the current APG.  Keep in mind that the APG contains classes offered at all of the high schools and will have classes listed that O'Connor doesn't offer.  Please make sure to reference the Course Worksheets and List of Electives above to verify the classes offered on the O'Connor campus.



    Dual Enrollment:  Classes where students will earn high school credit as well as college credit.  The college credit is earned through Rio Salado Community College and will require tuition. Any student that earns a C or better will earn college credit for the course.  Most of these courses are not considered Honors and do not get a weighted point in the GPA with some notable exceptions (CHM130, SPA101/102, SPA201/202, MAT187). Students attending a different college or university after they graduate will need to make sure they send an official Rio Salado Community College transcript to their college or choice in addition to their high school transcript.  To see how any community college course will transfer to the three state universities, see the AZ Transfer website (Tools, Course Equivalency).  List of O'Connor's Dual Enrollment Classes.  For more information (including contact info/registration help at Rio Salado), please visit their website:  https://www.riosalado.edu/start-rio/early-college/dual-enrollment

    Advanced Placement (AP):  Classes that follow the College Board's AP content/curriculum.  For more information about AP, please see the College Board's website:  What is AP?.  AP Classes do earn an honors point in the GPA for an A, B, or C and will improve a student's weighted GPA. Students may earn college credit for certain scores on optional AP exams.  AP exams currently cost $102.00/exam.  Please see the College Board's page to research each college's Credit for Exam Policy


    *For any class that is offered as a dual enrollment class, the code will usually reflect a CO at the end, or include three letters and three numbers in the course title (for example CHM130), or both.