• Math K-5 public review information
    DVUSD is in the process of adopting a new mathematics resource to support content and instructional practice for grades K-5. The goal of the Public Review is to gather feedback from all DVUSD stakeholders about the resource finalists up for adoption consideration. 

    The K-5 Math Adoption Committee narrowed the pool of resources to Eureka Math2 and i-Ready Classroom Mathematics. Videos highlighting the print and digital content, access to demo accounts, pros/cons for each resource, and the K-5 Math Adoption Feedback Form are linked HERE.

    The K-5 Math Adoption Committee consists of DVUSD employees, parents and community members.  Committee members will be asked to examine and make recommendations for a new K-5 Math resource for adoption to support teachers and students in their ability to meet or exceed grade-level proficiency targets in mathematics, including conceptual understanding, application, and procedural fluency. DVUSD will show preference for materials that strongly align with the 2016 Arizona Mathematics Standards. Our goal is to identify products that best support curricular needs in both digital platforms and in-person classrooms.

    The meeting dates/times/locations are as follows:

    Mon-Thurs June 5-8, 4:00-7:00pm DVUSD Purchasing

    Mon-Wed June 12-14, 4:00-7:00pm DVUSD Purchasing

    Thurs June 15, 4:00-6:00pm Zoom

    Wed Oct 4, 4:30-6:30pm Zoom

    Meeting Agendas and Minutes


    June 5th Agenda

    June 6th Agenda

    June 7th Agenda

    June 8th Agenda

    June 12th-15th Agenda


    June 5th Minutes

    June 6th Minutes

    June 7th Minutes

    June 8th Minutes

    June 12th-15th Minutes

    Registration to join the K-5 Math Adoption Committee is closed. Details of how the committee members were selected can be accessed here.