• Exclusions & Exemptions

         Exclusions and exemptions (E&E) are medical accommodations provided for absences due to chronic and currently active conditions. The E&E only excuses absences that are a direct result of these chronic conditions and DO NOT excuse the student from classwork or from other unrelated absences. A doctor must sign the E&E detailing the condition and the anticipated days missed as a result of the condition. If your student has an E&E, and you are signing them out because of symptoms related to their chronic illness, you must notify the registrar at sign out and the student MUST see the nurse before they leave campus. Documentation of illness and/or appointments related to the chronic condition may be required for excessive absences. E&E forms are not retroactive and DO NOT cover absences accrued prior to the completion and authorization of the E&E by the doctor, the school nurse, and the school administration. E&Es must be renewed EVERY SCHOOL YEAR.

    If you have questions about the E&E process, or would like to know if your child would qualify for an exclusion and exemption, please contact the school nurse at (623) 445-7410