• Hi Class of 2024!!
    I hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of your junior year... almost a senior year! YAY!!!
    If you have not taken CNA Reading/Math Entrance Exam on Canvas class titled "CTE Nursing Applicant" you MUST contact your counselor to arrange taking the exam. Please complete this EXAM before May 22, 2023. You have one opportunity to take the exam, have some scratch paper and pencil, and TIME (about 30 minutes) to take this test. It is basic MATH and ENGLISH skills. DON'T PANIC, you got this!
    Items REQUIRED for first day of class Monday July 31, 2023. Bring COPIES only please
    Your government issued photo ID ...example: Drivers License
    Immunization Records ...ask your school nurse
    Negative TB proof ...done at PCP office or an Urgent care or chest xray
    Proof of Health Insurance ...ask parent/legal guardian
    Health Provider Signed off saying you are healthy enough to participate in program ...can be DVUSD physical athletic form OR see attached packet for form
    Background clearance form signed ...see attached packet
    DVHS Parking Pass (Student parking lot along Union Hills Dr)
    1/2" - 1" Three ring binder with name on it ...this is your portfolio that you will be building throughout the school year with at least 5 page protectors of file folders
    Charged iPad or Chrome book
    Pen black or blue
    and always --> A smile, positive attitude, and confidence in self
    Answering common questions
    What about my CPR certification?? ... BLS Healthcare Certification will be taken in the first weeks of class to meet this requirement. --> DVUSD CTE $pays$ for this
    When do I get my flu shot?? ...Flu shot vaccination will be given a due date more than likely in September 2023 to have completed and submitted at that time.
    When and where do I go for my drug screening?? ...all information will be given out after the start of school and you will have a 5 day window to complete it. --> DVUSD CTE $pays$ for this
    When and where do I get my DVUSD Nurse Assistant Student Scrubs?? ...Apparel Pro will come out and fit you with in the first 3 weeks of school.
    When and where do I get my DVHS student ID nursing badge?? ...Picture day at DVHS you go as a class to have it printed.
    Are scrubs required the first week of school?? ...NO, your instructor will inform you when this will be required.
    What items do you recommend for success for the program?? ...On the daily I suggest having a charged iPad/Chrome book, pen, highlighter, and paper for notes (also can be done on your device) ...For the entirety of the program have a positive attitude, ask questions, read your assigned reading, ask questions, communicate with your instructor, and always remember YOU GOT THIS!!
    When do clinical rotations start?? ...Not scheduled yet but usually look to have Long Term Care (LTC) in October-ish and Acute Care (hospital) in the Spring February-ish... schedule is subject to clinical facility availability
    What is my schedule?? ...This is posted to instructors same time it is posted to you on your POWERSCHOOLs. If you have a special request or preference on your class schedule you need to send to your counselor. No guarantee that it can be accommodated but no harm is communicating that need.
    Do I come the first day?? ...YES attendance is mandatory and all required paperwork must be turned in to ensure your candidate information is loaded for AZBN
    I will not be returning next year, if you have or need anything after May 22, 2023 reach out to the CTE Manager at district office Jayme.Fitzpatrick@dvusd.org
    Please have a safe and wonderful summer,


    Angela Jensen MSN, RN
    Deer Valley USD CTE Nursing Assistant Educator
    Glendale Community College Dual Enrollement Professor angela.jensen@gccaz.edu
    Intro to Healthcare Instructor
    HOSA Adviser
    "Practice makes Permanent"