Classroom & Behavior Expectations

  • Classroom Expectations:

    Because our time each day will go quickly and we have so much to learn, these expectations will help us make the most of our time and accomplish our ultimate purpose of learning while Honoring your school, showing Integrity, and showing Perseverance in tasks.

    • Be Respectful: What does this mean?

    • Be Prepared: Bring your things to class (composition notebook, folder, writing utensils, etc). Turn in assignments on time!

    • Follow Directions: Read the directions on the board when you walk in and follow them! If necessary, write them down so you can refer back to them if forgotten.

    • Put in Effort: The effort you put into your work has a direct correlation to your grade. Write so I can READ your work! If I can’t, I won’t and you will have to re-do the assignment.  

    • Don’t Hesitate to ASK QUESTIONS- more than likely someone else has the same question. So, speak up and ask!

    Since our main goal is to learn and grow as mature readers, writers, and future citizens, classroom disruptions and disrespect will not be tolerated. 

    • Students will be given 3 warnings before office action will take place including individual conferences with students and contacting parents. 

    • It is important for students to take responsibility for their actions and to show they are ready to grow and mature.