Degrees and Certifications:

Señora Tolino

¡Hola y bienvenidos! Hello and welcome!

Welcome to 1st Grade Spanish Immersion at Union Park Elementary. I am excited about our upcoming 23-24 school year with your students! Our year will be full of adventures; learning Math, Science, and Spanish in my class. Together we will work on making sure your student gets a full year's worth of growth. 

As an educator, I promise to always: 

  • Provide a welcoming and learning environment for all students.
  • Make each student feel like they are noticed and seen as an individual within a whole.
  • Be prepared, organized, efficient, and enthusiastic to the best of my ability.
  • Make sure each student reaches their own highest personal academic potential.
  • Ensure that every parent feels their child's education is in the right hands.
  • Continue to learn in order to provide the best teaching strategies.

As a child, I grew up speaking only Spanish and was immersed in the English language during kindergarten. My mother was a firm believer that we would pick it up on our own during school. I have to say, it worked! My parents are from Sonora, Mexico. My great-grandparents were Chinese, Italian, Tarahumara (Native Mexican), and Mexican -- their common link was a form of the Spanish language. I have taught for 7 years in total.  I have taught in high school and in a kindergarten setting. I have a Master's in Secondary Ed (SEI Endorsed), Elementary Ed (SEI Endorsed), certified in K-12, an MFA in Creative Writing, and a BA in Literature. 

The objective is to teach your students through many different strategies that best meet their needs academically and emotionally, in order to master the first grade standards. It's important to me that your student gets the most out of this journey in the Spanish Immersion. 

I look forward to another amazing year in education with your students this year!