Sixth Grade Expectations



    Dear Parent/Guardian:


    We are looking forward to a great year of learning with your children.  The following is a list of the 6th grade expectations that will help us facilitate your child’s learning. Please review the following information with your child and sign the Parent Student Acknowledgement Form sent in the email with this document.



    • Each student will have an accordion organizer to house their character card, an agenda and any other important documents (ie. homework, permissions slips, report cards, etc.)

    • Students will document homework and upcoming assessments in their agenda. 

    • This folder will be called their “Responsibility Organizer”


    • Please check your child’s agenda and responsibility organizer so you are aware of all homework assignments, unfinished class work that needs to be completed as homework, and upcoming tests/project dates.

    • Every Friday please review your child’s grades in Power Schools and their character card. Once you have reviewed the documents, please initial at the designated area at the bottom of the character card.


    Upon returning from any absence, it is each student’s responsibility to obtain class work and homework, as well as arrange any test make ups with each of their teachers. Teachers will make their absent work policy clear during the first week of school and students should be sure to follow procedures to pick up any work they missed. Sixth grade students, not parents, should take responsibility to contact the teacher regarding absences.




    • The team understands the importance that families place on a student’s grades. As a team, we focus on growth over grades. This means that we strive to meet your child at their current proficiency level and help them grow throughout the year. Please help us by encouraging growth in your student instead of grades. For example, “Katie, we know reading is difficult for you. We are so proud that your Lexile (reading level) grew fifty points this quarter!” is more constructive than “A C is an unacceptable grade.”

    • All class work and homework should be completed in a timely manner.  Homework/practice may receive a 1/1 for completion or marked as late or missing work in the PowerSchools grade book. Late work may be accepted at the teacher’s discretion within 2 weeks of the assignment due date or return from absence.

    • If a student is missing more than 9 assignments in a quarter a “needs improvement” (N) will be indicated under “effort” on the report card.  Please check your child’s Power Schools for a record of missing assignments

    • Extra credit is not given to raise grades as it is not an effective way to show mastery of standards.

    • A score of 50% will be recorded if a student earns less than a 50% on an assessment.

    • Practice is essential to learning.  If a student is missing or has not completed more than 2 assignments, the students may be expected to stay in at lunch recess as an “opportunity” until all work has been completed. All missing assignments will be recorded as a 49%.

    • Retakes/Test Corrections will be given at teacher discretion.




    Teachers typically update PowerSchool on a weekly basis.  This powerful resource allows parents and students to have up-to-the minute information on student performance and progress toward mastery of standards.  Check PowerSchool regularly to make sure your child is staying current with all assignments by visiting ps.dvusd.org/public and entering your access code.   


    If you are new to West Wing, your student will receive their username and password within the first week of school. Parents/Guardians will also get their access code provided to them by the front office, usually within the first week of school starting. If you do NOT receive any information about how to create/access a parent account within the first TWO weeks of school,please send your child’s homeroom teacher an email and we can check on it for you. Please know that this is a very long and tedious process for our office staff and we ask that you practice patience with them.  As teachers we  are not able to give out parent access codes.


    Canvas grades are not an accurate reflection of students’ quarterly grades. Please only use PowerSchool to check your child’s grades.




    Character Cards represent a structured behavior program designed for most students.  Each teacher/administrator has the right to use his/her professional judgment to modify this plan for individual students as needed.  After being seated in a classroom, a student will place their Character Card on their desk.  Positives and Infractions may be given by any staff member to a student throughout the day to help encourage positive behavioral choices.


    • We consider character cards our daily, primary form of communication with parents. Please “expect to inspect” your child’s character card at least once a week but we urge you to review this daily.

    • The grade check portion of the character card must be completed and initialed by a parent or guardian weekly and will be checked by your child’s homeroom teacher each Tuesday.

    • Each quarter, all sixth grade students will receive a new character card and are expected to have it in their possession during the school day.

    • Teachers will use the positive side of the character card to record student character that is above and beyond expected behavior.

    • Infractions will be assigned if a student chooses not to follow grade level expectations. 

    • Any student who loses their character card will have it replaced with a white character card (with an infraction in the area of “prepared for class”).  Lost cards consequences will be as follows: 1st - responsibility infraction, 2nd - lunch detention, 3rd - after school detention, 4th - office referral

    • Responsibility infractions:

      • Lunch Detention: Your child will earn a detention for every 5 responsibility infractions earned.

    • Behavior infractions: 

      • 5 infractions = lunch detention

      • 10 infractions = after school detention

      • 15 infractions = on campus suspension

      • 20 infractions = off campus suspension

    • If a student earns three infractions on their Character Card in one day, they will receive a lunch school detention.   

    Teachers will use the character cards when completing the student conduct portion of the quarterly report cards.  Student conduct areas listed on the infraction side of the character card align with the conduct areas listed in the Deer Valley Unified District’s Promotion-Retention-Assessment Grading Handbook, as well as the conduct areas listed on the quarterly report cards. 


    Office Referrals:  Physical or verbal aggression, theft, vandalism, threatening acts, fighting, or any infraction listed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (which can be found on the West Wing’s website) will warrant immediate consequences in the form of an office referral or teacher issued after school detention.  The teacher may also choose to write an office referral for repeated minor infractions when other disciplinary practices have not been effective.




    The sixth grade team uses email to communicate with parents.


    Please consider your child’s homeroom teacher your first contact unless your question is class-specific. The homeroom teacher will be sure to respond to your message or forward it to the appropriate party at West Wing School.


    If you need to contact us, please send an email or call our classroom phone.  Please note: Our classroom phones are forwarded to voicemail during the school day.  Email is the most efficient way to contact teachers.  We are looking forward to partnering with you to provide your child with an exciting year of learning.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



    Educationally yours,

    Ms. Carpenter                           Ms. Rivera

    Mathematics Science   

    Room 309                                      Room 307

    lisa.carpenter@dvusd.org               selena.rivera@dvusd.org

    623-376-5068                              623-376-5066



    Ms. Wilson                              Mrs. Troutt

    Social Studies                            ELA

    Room 306                                         Room 308

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