• Miss Bee's Classroom Expectations:

    The expectations in my classroom align with the schoolwide expectations following the school acronym P.A.R.K. P.A.R.K. stands for being prepared, accountable, respectful and kind. Each expectation I set for my students will fall under one of these categories. That way it will flow with the expectations set outside my classroom and on our campus. Students will learn different ways they can exhibit these characteristics throughout the school year. Below are just a few examples of expectations that will be held in each category of P.A.R.K. in my classroom:


    - Paying attention when teachers or students are speaking.

    - Bringing all the materials needed to the carpet or seats.


    -  Making sure they are cleaning up their table or stations when they are finished.

    - If a mess is made, speak up so we can work together to get it cleaned up.


    - Making sure that we are using our school supplies the right way. (This includes Ipads).

    - Sharing is caring. If a friend kindly asks to borrow something, please let them. 

    - Hands to self.


    - Using kind language in the classroom and on campus. 

    -  Treat others how you would like to be treated. 


    Please keep in mind that students will be learning these expectations and plenty more over the course of the entire year. We will work together as a class family to create a space that is safe and welcoming for all students. All students will be given equal opportunities to learn and grow in my classroom. It will also be known to all my students that not everyone learns the exact same way and that is perfectly okay. We are here to cheer each other on as we meet our personal goals.

    Should there be any reason a student is not demonstrating P.A.R.K. We will hold a class meeting so that we can remind ourselves what it means to be a P.A.R.K. friend. This allows all students to reflect on their actions and make better choices.