• Do I Need to Report My Child's Absence? 

    If your child is absent for either a personal reason or if they are sick, please call the attendance absence line. This is a 24 hour attendance line and you can leave a message at any time. You will need to record a message with your child’s first and last name, reason for absence (personal or illness)and your teacher’s name (Mrs. Cori). The attendance absence line phone number is 602 - 467– 5590. If you have any questions for our school nurse, you can reach her at: 

    Nurse Debbie Roth: 602 – 467 – 5510         Email: Debbie.roth@dvusd.org

    When Do I Keep My Child Home?

    If your child isn’t feeling well, please keep them home. Children are bound to get sick, especially as they are building up their immune systems! Please keep in mind that in preschool, children haven’t yet learned to cover their cough, blow their nose, or cover their sneeze. We are diligent in keeping our classroom as germ free as possible. But, in preschool, germs can spread quickly! 

    The control of communicable diseases during the school year is a difficult problem and a serious responsibility. The first responsibility must fall upon the home, because parents know the normal appearance of their child and may be the first to detect the signs of illness. The guidelines below were taken directly from the DVUSD Early Childhood Handbook. 

         1. Do not send a child to school if there are signs of illness.

         2. Do not send a sick child to school for the nurse or teacher to decide if the child should be in school. If in doubt,  parents should call their physician.

         3.If a child is sick or feeling under the weather, please keep them away from others to prevent spreading.

         Some signs and symptoms of acute illness are:

    •      Runny nose/stuffy nose
    •      Headache
    •      Sneezing/Coughing
    •      Diarrhea
    •      Rash
    •      Sore throat
    •      Restlessness at Night
    •      Fever
    •      Body aches
    •      Fatigue
    •      Crusted watery eyes
    •      Earache
    •      Flushed face or paleness

        If a child comes to school ill or becomes ill while at school, parents will be notified by telephone. Parents will then need to make immediate arrangements to pick up the sick child. The child will remain in the nurse’s office or isolated with adult supervision in the classroom until the parent/guardian arrives.

     Children can return to school after they have been fever free for 24 hours. (Normal temperature is 98.6 F)

    Take the temperature at 4:00p.m. each day. If the temperature is above normal, keep the child home the next day and take the temperature again at 4:00pm. Continue this process until the temperature is NORMAL FOR ONE WHOLE DAY, then the child may return to school. Early morning temperatures usually register low. The afternoon temperature is a more accurate one to use to decide whether a child should come to school. If a child shows any signs of the above symptoms, the child should be kept home until the parents have checked with the family’s doctor.

     If every parent follows this procedure, it will do much to improve and provide a healthy environment for our students. 

    Call your school’s attendance line to report any illness. Call as early as possible.

    Fill out Emergency Cards (pink and blue) on each child. These are sent home on the first day of preschool. Keep the information on these cards current by calling the school or the nurse when changes have occurred throughout the school year.

    Have at least 2 emergency contacts in case you cannot be reached.

    We appreciate your diligence in working to keep our preschoolers healthy and feeling good!