• Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    I am sure that we can all agree that your child's safety is our top priority! Consistency between parents and teacher is the key to teaching safe arrival/dismissal routines and procedures for our preschoolers. 

    Parent Drop off and Pick up Routine

    You can park in the main parking lot, on the north side of the school. As you walk up the walkway, you will see the preschool/kinder playground to your right. You will notice that there is a yellow line with P2 painted on the cement just outside the gate. This is where developmental preschool parents line up and wait to sign their child in. The morning class starts at 9:15 and the afternoon class starts at 12:45. We will come out at those designated times to unlock the gate and parents can then start signing their student in.  

    There will be a sign - in cart just outside the gate. You will need to sign in with the time you dropped your child off and what time you picked them up. Children are not allowed inside the gate until they have been signed in. After hugs and well wishes for a good day, we will ask your child to "find a spot for their backpacks on the wall" (inside the gate). When the children are standing along the wall, we can ensure that we have eyes on our preschoolers at all times. Once that child’s has found their spot on the wall, the next parent can sign their child in. Only one parent at a time please!

    I know that siblings get excited when they see each other and they want to give each other hugs and say hi/good bye. However, I ask that they give hugs before they come in the gate or that they wait until after your preschooler has been signed out. This will ensure there aren't any mix-ups or confusions with children walking in or out of the gate. 

    At 9:20 (for AM) 12:50 (for PM), we will ask the children to make their line on the crack. The crack is in the concrete and runs along the patio to our classroom door. Walking along that crack works miracles in teaching our kiddos how to walk in a line with their friends!

    The dismissal routine is typically more difficult than arrival for preschoolers to learn. There may be children on the playground, as we are dismissing, which can be distracting as we walk to the gate. The children get very excited when they see you at the gate waiting for them. It’s not uncommon for them to forget all about the line and run ahead to the gate to see you. For safety reasons, we would appreciate your help in keeping the kids calm and focused on walking with their friends. 

    Bus Riders

    If your child is attending a developmental preschool and has an IEP, you have the option for your child to ride the bus. The children on the bus are in my class. There is an assistant on the bus to help the driver maintain safety while in route. Mrs. Shell is there when the bus arrives and walks them to class. She does the same for dismissal.

    If you would like your child to take the bus, let me know, I will complete and submit a transportation request form. The process usually takes 3 -5 school days for the transportation department to add your child to the bus route. Unfortunately, transportation is not offered to typical peer models.

    What If We Are Late?

    If you get to school after we have gone in or your child missed the bus, you will need to sign your child in through the front office. Our secretary will call the classroom and let me know that your child is ready for us to pick them up in the office. Shawn, Shell or I will come down to walk your child into class.