• School Hours: Classes are in session between 8:15 to 3:00. 

    Car Pick up and Drop off: Student pick up and drop off area is located in the large parking lot to the north of campus in the front of the school.

    Absences: Please notify the office if your child is or will be absent. The attendance number is 623-445-3590

    Snacks: We will have a snack every day during our recess in the afternoon. ONLY water is allowed in the classroom. 

    Prepared for Class: Students should come prepared for learning every day. 

    Classwork: An assignment expected to be submitted within the class period. 

    Homework: Generally, students should have adequate time to finish classwork in class, but in some cases, if work is not complete, it will become homework.


    Classroom Expectations:

    Students are expected to learn and follow both classroom and school rules.  Good choices will be rewarded, and poor choices will be handled in the manner listed below.  Below are the rules for our classroom, rewards, and consequences.  


    We have one rule in Kindergarten "Safety first, Kindness Always"  


    Rewards include participation in “preferred activity time”, such as extra recess or center time during Fun Friday.  Various rewards also include stamps, stickers, H.A.W.K tickets, and classroom recognition.  


    If a student chooses to break a rule, he/she will be encouraged to think about how to positively change their behavior and the following steps may be taken:

     1. Redirection from the teacher

     2. Verbal Warning- and possibly a “time out” to think about the behavior and then a chance to rejoin the activities.  A discussion with the student and the teacher will take place to discuss good vs. poor choices to help your child learn and grow. (Self-regulation)
    3.  If a student struggles with behavior issues on a regular or frequent basis, the teacher may put the student on a daily behavior program that best meets the student’s needs.  This may be a daily note home, points earned system, etc.  The parent will be kept informed of their student's behavior, struggles and successes.