• School Hours: Classes are in session between 8:15 to 3:00. The Kindergarten schedule is coming soon.

    Car Pick up and Drop off: Student pick up and drop off area is located in the large parking lot to the north of campus in the front of the school.

    Absences: Please notify the office if your child is or will be absent. The attendance number is 623-445-3590

    Snacks: We will have a snack every day during our recess in the afternoon. ONLY water is allowed in the classroom. 

    Prepared for Class: Students should come prepared for learning every day. They should have pencils, white board makers, two spiral notebooks, highlighters, red pens and their school chromebooks fully charged.

    Missing and Late Work:

    Missing Work: An assignment that is not submitted by the due date. Students will receive a 49% and No Evidence (NE) will be marked for the corresponding standard for all missing work. 

    Late Work: An assignment that is submitted after the due date, but within 5 days after the end of a unit.

    Classwork: An assignment expected to be submitted within the class period. 

    Homework: Generally, students should have adequate time to finish classwork in class, but in some cases, if work is not complete, it will become homework. Students should use their agenda/planner to write down if there is any work that needs to be completed outside of the classroom.  

    Canvas: Canvas classes will be posted in July and links will be available soon.