• Classroom Expectations for 6th Graders

    Dear Students,

    Welcome to our 6th-grade classroom! To ensure a positive and productive learning environment for all, we have established the following expectations. By adhering to these guidelines, we can create a classroom where everyone feels respected, valued, and ready to excel:

      1. Classroom Rules, Consequences, and Expectations


        • Raise your hand to ask questions or get out of your seat

        • Use Positive and Encouraging Language (Instead of "I cannot ..." say "I will try...")

        • Listen carefully to directions and follow them the first time

        • Enter the classroom and prepare for class (notebooks, pencils, homework...)

        • Step up and have respect for yourself, your peers, and your teachers


        1. A non-verbal warning

        2. A verbal warning

        3. Review class rules and expectations

        4. Student - Teacher one-on-one meeting

        5. Complete a reflection sheet

        6. A message home (phone and/or email)

        7. A minor referral

        8. A major referral

        This is the standard order for consequences. However, depending on repetition or severity of the offense, steps may be skipped.


        Follow H.A.W.K. expectations anywhere on campus:

        • Honorable: (*Take care of property, *Be prepared, *Be on time, *Be honest)

        • Accountable: (*Keep hands - feet - objects to yourself, *Raise your hand, *Complete all work on time)

        • Willing Attitude: (*Be where you are supposed to be, *Stay on task, *Use an inside voice)

        • Kind: (*Use positive words and actions, *Listen to all instructions and ideas, *Support each other)

    1. Remember, our classroom is a community, and we all play a role in creating a positive and conducive learning environment. Let's work together to make this year an enjoyable and successful one!


      Mr. Strass

    2. Your 6th Grade Teacher