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    Jenny Stilgenbauer
    Room 506
    Welcome Second Grade!

                      Our second-grade team works together to empower our students to thrive as lifelong learners. The goal is to 
    provide the best learning opportunities for all students by using the cluster model to ensure all students' needs are being met. To ensure a successful year, we provide opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to work together as one strong team.

    The second grade year is a transitional school year. Students are in their final year of primary setting in elementary school. We often think of second grade as a year to polish and fine-tune skills learned in Kindergarten and First Grade. Therefore, rigor is increased to prepare students as they enter a new phase of learning with high expectations to master understanding of standards.

    What we are learning this year:

    • ●  Reading: Phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, and comprehension skills will be explicitly taught throughout each unit. Each unit is cyclical and will work on a number of skills. Additionally, the students will have to focus on answering essential questions which provide a foundational focus for the selection of books and stories that the students read.

    • ●  Writing: Narrative, informational, opinion, correspondence, and poetry pieces will be covered throughout the year. Students will create personal narratives and work on the development of skills through the writing process to compose more complex pieces of writing in varying styles.

    • ●  Math: Eureka Math series focuses on computation (addition and subtraction within 1,000), understanding place values, linear measurement (including metric), geometry, fractions, and telling time (analog and digital).  

    • ●  Science: Learning about Physical Science (energy & matter), Earth and Space Science and Life Science (organisms and how they relate). 

    • ●  Social Studies: Learning about the world through study of civics, economics, geography and history.