Welcome to Mrs. Hartley's 8th Grade Math and Algebra 1-2 Honors Classes

    Algebra 1-2 Syllabus

    8th grade math Syllabus



    Email is the quickest way to reach me or though Canvas. gaylynne.hartley@dvusd.org 

    Illustrative Math:

    DVUSD adopted math curriculum is called Illustrative Math. While Illustrative Math is new to your child I have worked with program the last 4 years. Eureka Math provides an excellent for students to transition to Illustrative math.


    Online Math Book for Algebra 1-2 Honors only:

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Algebra book



    Alta Sierra Clovis School District:



    • Please bookmark this website! This is so helpful if you have questions on homework or the Common Core Curriculum. This walks you through lessons.
    • Khan Academy: khanacademy.org
      • Search for the topic you need help with and it will give you videos to teach you and then practice activities. This is the best help for math concepts on the planet. Please use this resource.
      • Lessons are from basic counting kindergarten and works up through calculus.
    • IXL math: ixl.com
      • Practice questions from 6th grade standards


    • That Quiz: thatquiz.org
    • Practice math concepts that are correlated with the Arizona State Standards.


    • Helpful Apps: Math Way
    • You type in the problem and it will give you the answer. If you want the steps you have to pay extra for it. Be careful with this app because you can get the answers but for tests it will not be used. This is used to help you check your work.