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    Welcome to Third Grade Kodiaks!
    Welcome back to class 3rd graders! I am so excited to start our in person learning together!  We have many wonderful things in store for our classroom.  I have lots of time preparing our classroom for safe learning.  Many students have qualified for gifted reading and/or math you will find that we may do things differently than the other third grade classes.  You may notice some different activities in all academic areas with different timelines, expectations and grading.  In various activities you may notice enrichment and/or acceleration.  For example in math, students should already be practicing their multiplication tables.  Throughout the year, we will be doing some (small and whole group) literature studies in addition to the reading series stories.  Additional reading and/or projects may need to be done at home from time to time.  I am so thrilled to be on this journey with you.

    Las Brisas Core Values

    Our Core Values:

    Student Centered



    Respectful and Responsible



    Our Vision

    Las Brisas inspires a community of innovative thinkers, passionate learners, caring citizens, and problem solvers who will positively impact the world.