• Classroom Rules, Consequences, and Expectations


    Raise your hand to ask questions or get out of your seat.

    Use Positive and Encouraging Language (Instead of "I cannot ..." say "I will try...").

    Listen carefully to directions and follow them the first time.

    Enter the classroom and prepare for class (notebooks, pencils, homework...).

    Step up and have respect for yourself, your peers, and your teachers.


    A non-verbal warning.

    A verbal warning.

    Review class rules and expectations

    Student - Teacher one-on-one meeting.

    Complete a reflection sheet.

    A message home (phone and/or email).

    A minor referral.

    A major referral.

    This is the standard order for consequences. However, depending on repetition or severity of the offense, steps may be skipped.


    Follow H.A.W.K. expectations everywhere on campus and at all times:

    Honorable: (Take care of property, Be prepared, Be on time, Be honest).

    Accountable: (Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself, Raise your hand, Turn-in work on time).

    Willing Attitude: (Be where you are supposed to be, Stay on task, Use an inside voice).

    Kind: (Use positive words and actions, Listen to instructions and ideas, Support each other).