• Have you heard NO MORE cupcakes, cookies, or treats? 

    Yes! We will definitely be celebrating birthdays this year. They are VERY SPECIAL days! This year, instead of sugary packed treats, students can bring in treasures. Kids love keep sakes like funny pencils, crayons, and even erasers. A class donation like their favorite board game or book is also an option. Get creative and have fun when celebrating your child's special day. Allow your child to help you pick something they would like to share. It is a great way for them to share their interests with the class. 

    In class, they will receive a personalized birthday card with a gifted class coupon. Share their desk with our birthday gnome for the day, as well as have their picture posted to the class dojo. 

    I know this is a major change, but please remember student safety is my number one concern. Allergies, both known and unknown new allergies, can be very scary for all involved. I promise they will have a special love-filled day.