Cute Colorful Classroom Expectations!! EDITABLE OPTIONS by The Mint Desk

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      Self Control

    • 1.Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
      2.Raise your hand to ask to leave your seat.
      3.Follow directions quickly for the first time.
      4.Raise your hand to ask questions.
      5.Be respectful and kind to your teacher, friends, and the environment.
      6.Make smart choices.

    Village Meadows is proud to be a PBIS school. Our mission is to create a positive school environment by providing students with behavioral support to achieve social, emotional, and academic success using a school-wide system. Therefore, my classroom expectations align with those of Village Meadows: success, excellence, accountability, and self-control. Additional norms specific to our community are established by the students. We will use the clip-up/clip-down chart to help the children self-regulate their behaviors throughout the day.

    In addition to “clipping-up”, positive behaviors are celebrated by earning Viking Vouchers, Wednesday Super Achievers, and rewards within the classroom.


    First Time – Verbal warning

    Second Time – Student clips down

    Third Time – Student clips down for the second time, working with the teacher to set a goal on how to meet classroom expectations.

    Fourth Time – Student clips down for the third time and spends time in the  reflection area.

    Fifth Time - Student clips down and there is parent contact by the teacher. 

    *Parents can be notified at any time. Steps may be skipped due to teacher discretion.