• Cyclone Team Classroom Rules and Expectations for 7th Grade:
    1. 1. Be Prepared:
      • Come to class on time with all necessary materials (books, notebooks, pens, etc.).
      • Complete homework and assignments on time.
      • Be mentally and emotionally ready to engage in learning.
    2. 2. Active Participation:
      • Contribute to class discussions and activities.
      • Listen actively when others are speaking, and avoid interrupting.
      • Ask questions and seek clarification when needed.
    3. 3. Respect for Everyone:
      • Treat classmates, teachers, and staff with kindness and respect.
      • Embrace and appreciate the diversity in our classroom.
      • Be mindful of personal space and others' belongings.
    4. 4. Follow Directions:
      • Listen carefully to instructions and follow them appropriately.
      • Seek permission before leaving the classroom or engaging in other activities.
    5. 5. Work Ethic:
      • Always do your best and take pride in your work.
      • Stay focused and avoid distractions during class time.
      • Use class time efficiently to complete tasks and assignments.
      • Do your own work.
    6. 6. Technology Usage:
      • Use technology devices for educational purposes as instructed by the teacher.
      • Avoid using personal devices for non-academic activities during class.
    7. 7. No Bullying or Harassment:
      • Treat everyone with empathy and kindness.
      • Report any instances of bullying or harassment to a teacher or school staff immediately.
    8. 8. Cleanliness and Organization:
      • Keep your workspace and the classroom tidy.
      • Use lockers and designated storage areas appropriately.
    9. 9. Respect the Learning Environment:
      • Preserve classroom resources and equipment for everyone's use.
      • Report any damage or issues with classroom materials to the teacher.
      • If it is not yours, don't touch it.
    10. 10. Academic Integrity:
      • Always do your own work and avoid plagiarism or cheating.
      • Give proper credit when using external sources in assignments.
    Consequences for Not Following Rules: The primary goal of consequences is to help students understand the importance of adhering to rules and expectations, as well as to encourage positive behavior. Consequences may include:
    1. 1. Verbal Reminder: A simple reminder of the rule or expectation.
    2. 2. Warning: A verbal warning indicating that the behavior needs to stop
    3. 3. Reflection or Time Out: A short time to reflect on the actions and their impact.
    4. 4. Parent/Guardian Involvement: Informing parents or guardians about behavior.
    5. 5. Behavior Improvement Plan: Collaborating with the student on a plan to address specific issues.
    6. 6. Detention: Staying after school for a specified time to reflect on behavior and make amends.
    7. 7. Meeting with School Behavior Interventionist or Principals: Discussing behavioral issues and finding solutions.
    8. 8. Loss of Privileges: Temporarily losing certain privileges within the school setting.
    It is essential for students to understand that consequences are meant to guide them towards positive choices and personal growth. Ultimately, the classroom should be a supportive and respectful environment where all students can thrive academically and emotionally.


    Dina Schofield
    Science Educator
    Desert Sky Middle School