• At West Wing we will continue to focus on facilitating the learning down to the learner's level.  West Wing classrooms will implement the Plan, Do, Study, Act System (PDSA) which ensures that all learners will be engaged, involved and aligned with their learning throughout every step of the learning process.  At West Wing we use several strategies to assist us in completing this task:  all leaders/facilitators will establsh common norms, develop a mission statement along with ahaving systems in place to continue to look at ongoing data, teachers will modify and facilitate the learning process, so that learning goals can be mastered.

    Our learning plan: 100% of 6th Grade math students will meet or exceed the Arizona College and Career-Ready Standards as measured by the quarterly DVMA.  

    Our mission: We will read, write, speak and think like mathematicians wherever we are, in whatever we are doing.

    Our Math Goal:  100% of our math class will receive a score of 80% or better on all midchapter, quizzes and end of chapter tests

    DVUSD Mission Statement:  It is our mission to provide extraordinary educational opportunities to every learner. 

     DVUSD Vision Statement: Graduating life long learners who will successfully compete, lead, and positively impact the world.

    Common Core Standards

    Click on the link above to find the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards