•                 Kindergarten Supply List 2023-2024


    Community items: (Do not label with name as these will be shared)

    10  Giant Elmer’s glue sticks (Solid/NO Gel)

    1  Primary handwriting sketchbook (blank on top and lines on bottom)

         (You can find them at dollar store, Walmart, Office Depot and Teaching and Learning Stuff)

    1 Packages of 4 EXPO THIN BLACK dry erase markers

    5  Boxes (24 count) of Crayola Crayons (not chunky)

    1  Jumbo Bag (2 and half gallon bag) for library book

    1- Container Clorox wipes

    1- Box tissues




    1 - 10 count of thin Crayola markers

    1-roll Paper Towels  

    2 - Pink erasers



    1 - Sandwich Plastic Bags

    1 - 10 count box of regular Crayola markers

    1-package of 4 highlighters                                         


     Individual items; Please label with your childs name

    1- Plastic pocket folder of your own choice (homework folder)

    1- Yellow plastic folder with brads

    1- Pair scissors (Fiskar Brand -no plastic ones)

    1-White Board Eraser

    1- Backpack (please no rolling ones)


    Kindergarten Wish List Items (voluntary only): (Feel free to help out as you can)

    Hand Sanitizer                                     Pump Soap

    Scotch Brand Laminating Sheets          Crayola Marker (thin or thick)

    Heavy Duty Sheet Protectors              Band Aides