• All Things EQ!
    We have this amazing social emotional program for our students at West Wing called All Things EQ.
    Click on the link to see more....   All Things EQ.
    We feel that since this is a learning environment, it is imperative to teach the students how to be a positive group member. Our discipline plan is for students to visually see reminders for their behavior, understand cause, effect, and consequences for behavior, and to keep you informed of what may be happening in the classroom.
    We have a school wide “clip chart" program. Students will have their names on a clothes pin and begin each day on Green. Depending on their choices, they will have the opportunity to “clip up” or “clip down.” They may clip up or down multiple times through the day based on their behavior. GREEN IS GOOD! If a student is on green, that is a good thing! Please don’t expect purple and pink daily, these are for exceptional choices.
    Your child will be filling out a behavior calendar each day before going home so that you will know how their day was.
    Off the chart: clip goes on the teacher and child will receive a jewel for their clip.
    Purple: Outstanding
    Blue:Great Job
    Green: Ready to learn
    Orange: Reminder (reflection sheet1)
    Red: Stop and Think (refection sheet2)
    We believe every day is a new day and consequences will not follow to the next day. If you receive a note discussing your child’s behavior, please sign it and return it to me in the student’s folder the following day.