• The Pirate Way

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Safe

    Be Kind


    • Attend to the speaker

    • Respect materials

    • Engage in class activities

    • Be prepared

    • Follow directions

    • Persevere

    • Walk

    • Push in chairs

    • Hands and feet to self

    • Support others

    • Work cooperatively in groups


    • Use quiet voices

    • Keep campus clean

    • Get to your destination quickly

    • Walk

    • Single file lines during transition

    • Keep your place in line

    • Be polite to students and staff you pass


    • Clean up after yourself

    • Maintain a reasonable volume

    • Be respectful to staff and volunteers

    • Sit in the rows assigned to your grade/class

    • Throw trash away 

    • Stay seated

    • Eat your own food

    • Wait to line up until you are directed to do so

    • Raise hand to get up

    • Say please and thank you

    • Use appropriate language


    • Take turns

    • Be respectful to staff and volunteers

    • Keep food in your lunchbox

    • Return equipment at the end of recess

    • Line up when your teacher blows the whistle

    • Be a problem solver

    • Use equipment safely

    • Stay in designated areas

    • Avoid horseplay

    • Notify an adult of an unsafe situation

    • Use appropriate language

    • Include everyone


    • Enter calmly and quietly

    • Respect the facilities

    • Respect others’ privacy

    • Use your time appropriately

    • Wash your hands

    • Hands and feet to self

    • Leave the bathroom clean


    • Use quiet voices

    • Log out of computers

    • Take care of books/materials

    • Walk

    • Push in chairs

    • Listen attentively to the librarian