• Star Student Week

    The schedule below is only an example of what your child can do for his/her special week. If you would like to do something else just let me know.  Have fun!

    In our classroom, each child should always feel special!

    Every child will have one week this year to share his/her “special” self with the class. A parent will need to gather items and bring or send them to school on the Monday of your child’s special week and collect it again on Friday. There is a space available on a wall and a small counter area for a display of a few of your child’s special possessions.

    Your child may bring:

           Favorite stuffed animal or toy

           Favorite photos of family, friends, house, pets, vacations, etc.

          Favorite food or treat to share with the class on Friday


    Use your imagination and surprise the class! Arrangements can be made with me for parent and pet visits during your child’s special week.

    A note will be sent home to notify you when it is your child’s special week. There will also be a notification in the newsletter.

    Thank you,

    Ms. Jeffer


    Sept 11- 15 Alhassan


    Sept 18-22 Hattie


    Sept 26-29 Duke


    Oct 2-6 Jose


    Oct 16-20 Kailani


    Oct 23-27 Addy


    Nov 13-17 Lucas


    Nov 27-Dec 1 Lille


    Dec 4-8 Abby


    Dec 11-15 Liam


    Jan 8-12 Ellie

    Jan 16-19 Francisco


    Jan 22-26 None


    Feb 12-16  Wesson


    Feb 20-23 Dominic


    Feb 26-Mar 1 Sydney