• First Grade Year Long Learning Goals

    *Adding and subtracting within 20.
    *Illustrating and solving story problems.
    *Counting to 120 by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's. 
    *Graphing, time and measurement
    *Place Value
    *Strategies for fluency, comprehension and accuracy will be worked on daily throughout the year.
    *Small group instruction at individual student level
    HMH Into Reading Module Topics:
    Module 1: Nice to Meet you
    Module 2: My Family, My Community
    Module 3: Amazing Animals
    Module 4: Better Together
    Module 5: Now You See It, Now You Don't
    Module 6: Celebrate America
    Module 7: The Big Outdoors
    Module 8: Tell Me A Story
    Module 9: Grow Plants, Grow
    Module 10: Dare to Dream
    *Writing complete simple sentences.
    *Use a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, spaces between your words, ending punctuation and lowercase letter throughout.
    *Use a tree map to write at least 3 complete sentences on a single topic.
    *Work on individual spelling patterns through sorts, hunts, phonics SmartBoard activities and games