• Even with school's best efforts of daily cleaning and children/staff frequently washing hands, unfortunately, illnesses still occur at school. 

    It's important that parents/guardians monitor their children for signs of illness and keep them home if showing any symptom of illness. Keeping children home when they are sick, is the best way to prevent further spread of illness at school. Always contact your healthcare provider if you are unsure if they should go to school. DO NOT send to school for the nurse to check on them or hope your child 'will make it through the day'. 

    Here are a list a common communicable illnesses that do occur at school and these illnesses have been reported at Sunrise this 23-24 school year. Parents/Guardians should always be on the look out for these illnesses. (Note for Head Lice - additional notes are sent home to the class when reported) 



    Illnesses Reported at Sunrise: