Every week we begin a new topic in the workshop. Please review this page for updates.

Read 180 Weekly Info



    Workshop 3 Assessment on Dystopian Fiction will be Tuesday 2/20.

    Book Reports are due 3/5/24. Be on the look-out for papers coming home. MS will receive a grade for their book report. 

    Book Report 

    All Read 180 classes will be taking the Reading Inventory assessment the week of February 26th. Each class has made great growth that we will graph individually and as a class. 

    Please help remind students to bring their headphones to class. Every student needs headphones that can be plugged in to the computer. Dollar tree and 99 Cent stores sell compatible headphones. Thank you!

    5th Grade:

    Students are currently working on writing skills and structures of writing. We have learned TREE and TIDE format. Students will be responding to a given prompt based on text we have been reading on animal adaptations. They will then learn about Theme and read short nonfiction text from workshop 2 to identify the Theme in the story. 

     4th Grade:

    Students are working on finding text evidence and using TREE format to produce writing. We are finishing up workshop 1 on inventors and will be taking the workshop 1 assessment.  Students will be developing a patent with a partner. 

    Middle School:

    We are continuing to work in Workshop 3, focusing on Dystopian Fiction. The class chose a read aloud "Mortal Engines". 

    6th period just finished their Workshop 3 interim assessment. We will typing informative paragraphs. 

    We have been focusing on vocabulary, words like conformity & society. We will be reading "The Lottery" from our Read 180 books and will be identifying the central idea of the text.