• DVUSD's student-athletes are competitive in the sports arena, and in everything else life has to offer. In our episodes of "Just Asking", we ask them the hard-hitting questions!

Episode 32: Spring Karaoke 2

Episode 30: Favorite Foods for a Lifetime

Episode 28: Spring Karaoke

Episode 26: Which Celebrity Would You Take to Lunch?

Episode 24: Cheetos Fingers or French Fry Legs?

Episode 22: Winter Sports Karaoke

Episode 20: Summoning Superpowers

Episode 18: The Bees Knees

Episode 31: Next New Holiday

Episode 29: Who Should Read Your Text Messages Aloud?

Episode 27: Who Helps the Easter Bunny?

Episode 25: Jump From an Airplane or Climb a Mountain?

Episode 23: Would You Take Fashion Advice From Your Coach?

Episode 21: Lots of Sweat or Lots of Hiccups?

Episode 19: Celebrity Dining

Episode 17: Taylor and Travis