• Advanced Placement (AP) classes are developed by the College Board (PSAT, SAT, CLEP are also College Board).  All AP classes will follow the College Board's AP content/curriculum.  For more information about AP, please see the College Board's website:  What is AP?.  AP Classes do earn an honors point in the GPA for an A, B, or C and will improve a student's weighted GPA. Students may earn college credit for certain scores on optional AP exams.  AP exams currently cost $102.00/exam.  Please see the College Board's page to research each college's Credit for Exam Policy

    AP Capstone diplomaOur students now have the ability to qualify for the AP Capstone diploma.  This involves taking 2 prescribed AP classes, AP Seminar and AP Research, and passing those respective AP exams.  AP Seminar can be used to satisfy our 10th grade English requirement and AP Research meets the 12th grade requirement.  In addition, students must pass four other AP exams throughout their high school career.  Please see the College Board's AP Capstone website for more details:  https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-capstone.