• In Dual Enrollment classes, students will earn high school credit as well as college credit.  The college credit is earned through Rio Salado Community College and will require tuition. Any student that earns a C or better will earn college credit for the course.  Most of these courses are not considered Honors and do not get a weighted point in the GPA with some notable exceptions (CHM130, CHM151/152, SPA101/102, SPA201/202, MAT187). Students attending a different college or university after they graduate will need to make sure they send an official Rio Salado Community College transcript to their college or choice in addition to sending their high school transcript to that college. 

    For more information on O'Connor's dual enrollment, please see the school's website: https://www.dvusd.org/Domain/12678

    To see how any community college course will transfer to the three state universities, see:  AZ Transfer website (Tools, Course Equivalency).

    For a list of classes offered as dual enrollment: List of OC Dual Enrollment Classes

    Rio Salado/OC Associates Degree Pathway:  OC Classes for Associates Degree

    For more information (including contact info/registration help at Rio Salado), please visit their website:  https://www.riosalado.edu/start-rio/early-college/dual-enrollment