• Terramar's Middle School Music Class is part of the "Wheel" Elective. 

    • Registered students may either attend in the Fall or Spring semester, depending on other factors in their schedules.
    • Music class is held primarily in portable 707, and at times, in the Piano Lab on the stage.
    • All units, assignments, and assessment rubrics will be outlined in the Canvas modules.
    • Students often need a charged Chromebook to access our main "instrument", the Soundtrap application on MusicFirst.


    MusicFirst Student App by Music First

    Class Overview

    • Exploring Sound, Rhythm, Time, & Timbre
    • Rudimentary Piano Performance
    • Beat-Making & Musical Form
    • Song-Writing, Lyrics & Melody
    • Orchestration & Genre
    • Music Technology & Recording
    • Audience & Presentation

    Mrs. Dragomir is a "Soundtrap Certified" teacher.

    Soundtrap: How To Use it to Teach | Tech & Learning