• Unless things cool off, we may be done until next year.

    Desert Mountain MTB Club Flyer.

    Desert Mountain MTB Permission Form.

    Here are directions and links to make a tax credit donation to our club.

    Tax Credit: Parents, you can donate up to $400 (please check AZ tax credit rules) to our MTB Club and get that same amount back on your AZ income tax.  It's a great way to help our club grow!

    • Click here to get to the confusing tax credit page.
    • If you don’t have a child at the school, you must create a guest account.

    • Then log in, shop “Items At All Schools.”

    • Select “Elementary” on the next page, and find Desert Mountain Elementary.

    • You must then click on “Clubs” and select Mountain Bike Club.

    • Enter your amount and other information.  Make sure to print receipt for Tax Credit.

    • Sorry if the page isn't that user friendly, but we do thank you!

    Virginia Tech Helmet page: A resource to check for Helmet ratings to see what is safe!