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    Artificial Intelligence Overview

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly prevalent in technology systems used in daily life and education. Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD) recognizes the significance of AI while prioritizing student well-being and privacy as well as academic integrity to support student learning and growth. 

    Definition and Function of AI

    AI refers to computer systems capable of tasks requiring pattern detection and automated decision-making. Common tools such as auto-correct, predictive text, and voice assistants have AI capabilities within their design. As with each technology advancement, the presence of AI in systems continues to abound rapidly. While AI may seem new, it is already making a profound impact on the workplace due to the ability to gather information quickly, generate ideas, and synthesize information.

    Educational Potential of AI

    Educational technology tools support the instruction and learning process that takes place in our classrooms alongside the expertise of teachers and the relationships established with students. To positively impact student achievement some digital curriculum and assessment products provide adaptivity to individualize feedback and adjust questioning to meet students at their stage of learning. These tools are utilized strategically by teachers and are complemented by the use of additional instructional strategies and resources. 

    Generative AI

    A newer development that carries implications for the educational environment is generative AI-enabled chatbots that enable quick processing of data and production of creative products. Specifically, the advanced AI systems that generate human-like text responses by learning from vast amounts of data are Large Language Models (LLMs). Current examples of LLMs include ChatGPT and Google Bard, among others. The modeling capabilities of generative AI present an opportunity for educators to explore the merits of using these tools along with being reflective about how students demonstrate their learning, considering how to promote critical thinking. 

    What Are Large Language Models (LLMs)?

    LLMs, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, are artificial intelligence systems that can understand and generate human-like text. They are trained on various sources, including books, websites, and more. When we interact with an LLM, it considers our input and generates a response that fits the context of the conversation. These models are becoming increasingly prevalent; for instance, as of June 2023, over 100 million people used ChatGPT daily. 

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