• About Our PLC School

    Constitution  Elementary School was opened in 1975 as part of the Deer Valley Unified School District. Constitution has a population of over 600 preK-6 grade students and two Head Start classes.  

    The school’s vision mirrors that of the district:  Graduating lifelong learners who will successfully compete, lead, and positively impact the world.  Our mission explains how we will get there:  T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves Mastery.  The mission  T.E.A.M. was a perfect fit, as our campus is a Professional Learning Community (PLC).    The goals on our Campus Improvement Plan also reflect these values – to meet our goals for student achievement we need to establish and maintain a collaborative learning environment.   

    We have established four commitments that drive us every day; we will be student focused, collaborative, data driven for continuous improvement and engaged in the community.  All that we have done to this end are summed up in our Constitution 360 Motto:  We support the Heart; We support the Home; We support the Head.  

    In the past three years, Constitution has moved from a C rated school to an A rated school.  Students are constantly aware of what they are learning.  Each student has a data folder and graphs their score after taking/retaking an assessment.  Students set learning goals to move forward. 

    Constitution is a school with staff who believe that our students can achieve at high levels through collaboration and innovation.  This attitude is conveyed to students and they are proving us correct!