• Dear Parents and Guardians of Students at West Wing School,


    I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing summer and we are ready to start back to school on Wednesday, August 7th. All of us at West Wing School are thrilled to be starting what promises to be another phenomenal school year. West Wing has been awarded the A+ School of Excellence by the Arizona Educational Foundation and was designated an “A” school by the Arizona Department of Education. The West Wing staff works tirelessly to continuously enhance and improve the quality of education that we provide to our learning community.


    During the month of August, West Wing School will be determining your child's skill level through a variety of classroom pre-assessments. These pre-assessments are a way for us to measure your child’s skills, determine an appropriate plan to meet their educational needs and help your child make significant academic progress this school year. In order to ensure that your child does well in school, I encourage you to bring your child to school on time each day. I also encourage you to make sure that your child gets a good night’s sleep, and eats a healthy breakfast each morning.


    Each one of us at West Wing School is committed to helping your child be successful! I believe that the success of West Wing School and it’s students, is achieved when every player (student, teacher, and parent) is an active member of the learning team. When everyone on the team does his/her best, everyone is a winner!


    Ms. Samantha Miiller had a healthy baby boy on the twelfth of May.  While Ms. Miiller is home on maternity leave, we are very fortunate to have Ms. Sharon Matt substituting for Ms. Miiller while she is out. Ms. Matt comes to us with over 30+ years of experience and also has served as a principal at four schools in the Deer Valley Unified School District. Please join me in welcoming Ms. Matt to our campus. Ms. Matt will be serving with us until the end of September. Thank you Ms. Matt for joining our team in serving our students at West Wing School.


    We look forward to completing an incredible 2019-20 school year!

    Educationally Yours,

    Dr. Linda Price-Barry